Thursday 11 August 2016

Comfy Summer Outfit

You could say that I've been gone for a while.. to be honest with you guys I never really thought about starting up my blog again.. and I wouldn't say that I am going to be posting really regularly. BUT recently I have taken a few outfit photos for you all and I just had to share them. All of my old posts are now gone. I don't really know why I deleted them, but I did. So I guess we could start fresh. I don't know when I will be posting on here. It'll probably be whenever I get some new outfit posts done because (if you guys didn't know) I am part of two different YouTube channels:

1. My Main Channel
2. My Vlogging Channel

If there is anything that I am considering reviewing, it will ususally be up on my main channel! So if you are reading this and you are not subscribed, it would be amazing if you could. As I am writing this I am officially 81 subscribers from the big 1,000!!!! I can't believe it. All of my links are listed below if you fancy taking a look! 

Like I said, I don't know when/if I'll be posting on here, but I thought that I would give it another shot. I hope you are all doing well and please feel free to leave me a comment! (I have totally lost my blogging game so I apologize in advance)

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